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  • How many scoops should I put in my drink?
    That part is up to you! The flavour is completely customizable! We recommend 1-2 tbsp per 250ml of water for our Almond MLK and 1 heaping tbsp for our Oat MLK. Like it lighter? Add less! Thicker and creamier? Add more!
  • How long does it last in the fridge?
    ALTKO Almond MLK and Oat MLK 7-10 days in the fridge!
  • How much almond milk does one 454g jar make?
    1 jar of ALTKO Almond MLK can make up to 7 Litres of fresh Almond MLK! 1 pouch of ALTKO Oat MLK can make up to 5 Litres of fresh Oat MLK!
  • Is ALTKO healthy for you?
    Absolutely! Our Almond MLK is only 1 ingredient, and our Oat MLK is only 2 ingredients. We taking pride in the fact that we use no added sugars, oils, thickeners, or additives.
  • Is ALTKO sweetened?
    Definitely not! Almonds and Oats are inherently sweet, why add sugar?
  • Can I eat ALTKO Almond Base straight from the jar?
    Of course you can! Our signature milling process allows for an incredible texture. Drink it, spread it, eat it.. indulge however you want! We're not just another alternative milk company, we're ALTKO
  • Was this produced in peanut free facility?
    YES! All of our products are produced in a nut free facility.
  • What are Tocopherols and why are the added to the Oat MLK base?
    Tocopherols are a family of compounds that together make up different forms of vitamin E. The main functionality of tocopherols is to preserve food colours and flavours by retarding deterioration, rancidity, or discolouration due to oxidation. Potential health benefits of tocols include prevention of certain types of cancer, heart disease, and other chronic ailments.
  • Does ALTKO froth?
    You bet! ALTKO is a fantastic addition to your morning coffee routine!
  • Can I cook with ALTKO?
    Absolutely!! Although we advertise as an alternative milk company, there are infinite possibilities. ALTKO is great addition for people with dietary restrictions.
  • Can I get a bigger batch of ALTKO for my café ?
    Absolutely! You can contact our wholesale team by sending an email to
  • How long does it take to ship ALTKO?
    Shipping can take anywhere between 4-8 days depending on your location.
  • Does any type of blender work?
    Yes! Depending on the strength of the blender we recommend blending anywhere between 15-30 seconds.
  • Can I use an electric hand whisk?
    Yup! We have a ton of customers that use an electric hand whisk! Great to keep in your desk, or take it camping with you!
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